2011 Demo

by Elliot The Bull

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released April 19, 2011



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Elliot The Bull Central Coast, Australia

Dazed EP out now!

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Track Name: Haunting Blues
I'm looking for a way to decay my crooked past
Maybe someone’s out to get me, but if I hide I'll never last
Said I'm a weak man but I'm holding on
Cause’ I'm too tired to be afraid no more
So I'm going to sit right here and just sing along

Take me to beloved Cherry Hill
Take the paper bag off from my face and let the oil spill (start a fire)
Laugh at me and choke against my will
I'm going down into the absolute

Picking out the faults in you will show the fault in me
I've been wrong about a billion times again and again
I'm a coward conquer cutting everyone
And the blues will stay, it won't go away
Until someone slays me with a righteous tongue

If you close your eyes and think about me still
You'll know just where to find me on beloved Cherry Hill
If you’re bound to lose your temper I guess that’s how you feel
Because I'm not inclined to waste my time on something that ain't real
And there's ten men out to get me and I guarantee they will
They can burn my soul to kingdom come and I would understand
But if you've got a love for anything come and join us if you will
We're going down so don't push me round
Track Name: Silver Liquid
Listen to your maker
The shadows keep you safer
Gentle is the giant
That claims he put you here
Well my night sky’s oblivion while
I lie oblivious inside
I've lost my mind but I’m fine
I'll just enjoy time while it’s gone
The room fills up with light as a taxi waits outside
All the walls seem bright while my future’s black and white

Sometimes I wonder if the palings on my fence just keep me in
Caged up wonder curiously looks out but then stays in
No one would believe it

Quiet’s the pacifist mind
No better way to spend my time
My soul’s been purified now
No longer dead since she arrived
Our blood runs silver liquid
Through the cracks of our old existence
On this road together
Will you forgive a sinner?

The room fills up with light as a taxi waits outside
All the walls seem bright while my future’s black and white
Track Name: Bear Feet
It's cold out and I see three kids jumping in the rain
One falls down not knowing who to blame
The simple things that hurt us everyday
As I go out he says that he's ok but have you got the time
I said it's late kid I think it’s time you run on home

His friends were gone I walked him so he didn't walk alone
His mother greeted him at the front door
She thanked me twice and asked me to stay for supper
I could see that she was mourning for his dad
You could see it in her eyes
She would blink to disguise that she cries
So I stayed for an hour or two
Kept them company for a while and made the little boy smile

As I left my voice was shaking and nothing was as it seemed
I hear my phone ringing, it wakes me from my dream
It was just a dream about humanity
Help a stranger cross the street
Give him shoes to bear his feet
On your final day do you think you'll say
That you helped someone in need or was your life controlled by greed?
Track Name: River Bend
Oh you’re the blackest soul
For something that I’m not
You’re a river bend down the end
That makes us so far gone

Oh yeah we smile a lot
We all do as we like
My mother said don’t reveal
The secrets sealed in the bag you filled

I got a funny feeling
I’ve got a nerve, I’ve got a knack
I sliced and cut and split her gut
And as she turned she shot me in the back
We just smile and dig our names in hell
My father used to be just like me and mess around
But I could never tell

Won’t you bring down the weather
So I can see a bit more clear
I draped my arms in leather
For about a year

Oh yeah we smile a lot
And we all do as we like
My mother said don’t reveal
The secrets sealed in the bag you filled