Elliot The Bull EP

by Elliot The Bull

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Thomas Draffen
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Thomas Draffen Great chill out sound. Leaves you to listen, and thats what music is about for me. Favorite track: Say You Love Me Too.
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released June 26, 2012



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Elliot The Bull Central Coast, Australia

Dazed EP out now!

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Track Name: Paint The Sky
Can you believe I sold my soul
I caught the devil in my house once more
And my girl, she turned to dust
Then an image unfolds of the loneliest soul
And I’m left with no one I can trust

Oh lie, lie, lie
We all never cry
And my body’s only half as old but the whole world knows
Yeah the whole world knows
Oh lie, lie, lie
Forget about my reputation

What I call my night is when I see my sun
The river is going black so you better turn and run
And it might be hell that’s keeping you so steady
And we’ve been coming here a long, long time
But you never leave my high without my halo on

All the things I’ve found
The question on my mind
Am I living a lie?
Hey devil where did you come from?
Hey devil where did you go?
Devil where did you come from?
Track Name: Cup Of Nestor
I dreamt last night
It was the end of the world
And I forgot about you while I was trying to save my soul
I stood there alone
As the house fell down around me

Is this revelry or am I living a lie?
Cause I don’t want to wait unit I wake up, for I might die
Down the chimney reaches a hand
Pulls me up above land

There’s a chalice full
And it can be my muse
And if we all drink from it will we speak the truth

Everyone join hands
Everyone join hands
Everyone join hands
Everyone join hands

I pray that I will find my way home
Track Name: Say You Love Me Too
I’ve been sleeping with a ghost
I can feel it while I dream
Then I wake and it leaves
Gives me no time to speak of errors in what we had

I haven’t spoken to my friends
I don’t like to bother them
Fickle mindset takes it
Now I want to touch her skin
I want to breathe again

Oh she’s all that I need
Sometimes I cry

And I’ve been looking at my face
A lot of changing in days
Nothing occupies my eyes
No love, no soul, just glass
Over empty pools

How long before
Wondering I walk into you
I’ve been here before
The never-ending road winding through

Just say you love me too

How pure is the soul
That leaves my night the brightest
The brightest of blue
In the dark so far away
The passions present clear
Come tomorrow
A love reappears
Just say you love me too
Track Name: Slept Through Winter
I slept through winter
The dust grew thicker on my eyes
I lie and I wait
And all my memories
They linger in my mind
I try to be kind but its so hard

My arm is fading
It cloned the person that I knew before I was old
It keeps complaining
I’m like a scarecrow who scares off the bees and the birds

Through the forest and meadows burning
Don’t head towards the light
All the birds are heading north and I will follow

Soak this skin and take my sin
To the water, to the water now
Soak this skin and take my sin to the water

The streets are fading
And through a mist I see a twisted path left behind
I find I’m living
Through a memory as I fall from my mind